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Name:Flemeth, the witch of the wilds (or 'hey you')
Birthdate:Dec 4
Choice...There is great power in choices, as there are in lies. I shall give one of each.

She is a woman of many names, is Flemeth. Witch of the Wilds. Asha'bellanar. Dragon.

It helps that she is a woman of many shapes, as well.

Some say she can see the future. Some say she's only talented in the banter that carnival fortune-tellers and Rivaini hustlers use. Some say she's just an old hag who talks too much.

Who is to say that any of them are wrong?

Flemeth can be:
a middling height, stoop-shouldered old woman with short gray hair and a hollow face,
a tall, well-muscled middle-aged woman with long white hair, horns, and a particularly revealing suit of burgundy-scaled armor
a burgundy-scaled (or purple-scaled, depending on the lighting) dragon

She can see the future, cast spells, fly (while in dragon form), and exist in more places at once than the average human, elf, or dwarf.. Or the non-average human, elf, or dwarf, come to think on it. How can she do these astonishing things? She's not about to tell. Much like the franchise has not seen fit to tell, either.

Flemeth is from Dragon Age, and is the property of Bioware. She and her image are being used for RP in [info]milliways_bar, and no profit is being made.

Interests (12):

darkspawn, dead stops, dragons, fools, magic, minds out of time, mortals, raising full-of-themselves girl children, sarcasm, shapeshifting, templars, time out of mind

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