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Flemeth, the witch of the wilds (or 'hey you') ([personal profile] lifeisacatch) wrote2015-12-09 08:04 pm

You thought you caught my sleight of hand

The ground is snow-covered and the sky is overcast, but the old woman down by the lake shore appears ignorant of this fact. Or maybe she notices but just doesn't care. She is wearing neither cloak nor hat nor scarf, though her dirt-stained brown and cream robes are at least layered.

Heavily layered.

She may be humming tunelessly, keeping pace with a percussive beat only she can hear.

For now.
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[personal profile] freedom_is_grey 2015-12-10 02:53 am (UTC)(link)
"Of course. Flemeth."

Ysalwen turns her back on the Witch of the Wilds, bold as brass.

But Liranan, of course, will bring up the rear.

Just so Flemeth does not get any ideas.