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You thought you caught my sleight of hand

The ground is snow-covered and the sky is overcast, but the old woman down by the lake shore appears ignorant of this fact. Or maybe she notices but just doesn't care. She is wearing neither cloak nor hat nor scarf, though her dirt-stained brown and cream robes are at least layered.

Heavily layered.

She may be humming tunelessly, keeping pace with a percussive beat only she can hear.

For now.
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Is that -- no.

No, surely it can't be.

Ysalwen, making her way back from a wander in the forest, the tension of the crowd easing away with every step, freezes.

Liranan, at her side, growls.
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Ysalwen's spine stiffens, and any animation falls away from her face as if it had never been there.

"I hope you haven't been waiting for me," she says, dropping one hand to rest on Liranan's hand and stepping closer. Just a little.

Liranan growls again.

"Oh, stop it, you."

That is said lightly, and it is no accident.

"It must have been very dull, if so."
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"For me, certainly."

Her smile is quick, and bright, and false.

"But you -- what is there left to see for the Witch of the Wilds? Dead or no -- and you don't seem very dead -- you've already lived for centuries."
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"That's . . . . not actually how I would have described her. Oddly."


"But I'm not about to lie to her. And withholding the truth -- particularly about her own mother -- is definitely a lie."

Ysalwen makes no mention that she has seen neither hide nor hair of Morrigan for almost a year. Flemeth has no need to know that.

(Assuming she doesn't, already, and it's just another of the things they're dancing around.)
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Ysalwen does not look away.

"Maybe. But I'd still do everything I could not to betray a friend. And Morrigan counts as one of my dearest."

Just so everyone here knows where they stand.
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"You do have a way of underestimating her. Or maybe misestimating her is a more accurate term."

Every word Ysalwen speaks is enunciated precisely. Now, it seems, is not a time for misunderstandings. Or even a semblance of it.

"Leave her alone."

A pause, as if assessing whether it should remain a command or become . . . something else.

"Please. It's all she wants."

Or all that Ysalwen wants for her. (Or both.)
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"Did you?"

One of Ysalwen's eyebrows arches up.

"Because I'll give you this, the two of you are more alike than at least one of you wants to think."
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"Oh, please don't."

For so many reasons.

"I get enough of that almost everywhere else."
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"I plan to do my best. As ever."

Her own mouth twitches at one corner, but no hint of levity reaches her eyes.

"I'm well aware of what I could become if I let myself slip."
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At least Liranan has stopped growling, though at Flemeth's last words he makes a whimper deep in the back of his throat, instead.

Ysalwen hushes him, voice gentle even as she scratches firmly between his ears.

"I hope to. I do try to keep my eyes open. And my mind."

Her mouth twists wryly.

"I have you to thank for that."

Without Flemeth's aid she and Alistair would have died -- and not only that, but she would never have met all the strange people she now counts as friends. It changed a great deal.

"Would you trust me not to poison your drink if I bought you one, perhaps? Call it a case of bygones, at least here?"

It seems presumptuous to suppose it might continue back in Thedas. But --

The offer is honestly meant.
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"Of course. Flemeth."

Ysalwen turns her back on the Witch of the Wilds, bold as brass.

But Liranan, of course, will bring up the rear.

Just so Flemeth does not get any ideas.